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Arts Building

Opened in 2008, the Creative Arts Building is a purpose built space for creative arts practice and teaching, with the music area of the building containing 11 studios, 3 computer labs, many rehearsal rooms and a concert space, Phipps Hall.

Phipps is the smaller of the two concert venues (ca 100 seats) and has a relatively dry acoustic. It will host the fixed media, video music, and some solo instrument events. The Art and Design area of the Creative Arts Building will also be used for the installations and demos. The two sides of the building are linked by a four-storey high Atrium, which has a small coffee stall, tables and benches, and will be a hub for internet access, with laptop workspaces with AC power.

The main conference registration desk and information centre will be in this building.

St Paul's Concert Hall – Music

St Paul's Concert Hall

St Paul’s is a converted 19th century church, with tiered seating and an ample acoustic. It also has a 26-stop organ. It is the larger of the concert spaces and will host most of the ensemble and electronics and solo instrument and electronics pieces.

Sculpture Park – Banquet

Sculpture Park

Set in countryside nine miles outside of Huddersfield, Yorkshire Sculpture Park is a world-famous indoor and outdoor contemporary sculpture venue. The conference banquet is hosted in its top-class restaurant and delegates will have the opportunity to explore the exhibitions.

Business School – Paper Sessions

The university’s Business School has recently undergone an impressively designed expansion and will be the location for all the conference paper sessions.